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Clean water with SWT’s Fors & Ström

All-in-one small footprint packaged system, for safe, smart & sustainable water treatment. Applicable for drinking water production as well as municipal waste and industrial water treatment.

Using SWT’s patented electro capacitive solution, Fors & Ström reduce commonly found pollutants without compromising with the water’s naturally rich taste.

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The technology

One solution.
Many benefits.

SWT systems have a wide contaminant removal profile, while saving water & reducing chemical use.

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Tailored water

Keep required amount of minerals in the water, ensuring it healthy and tasty. Remove only as much as needed.

A smart software system

State-of-the-art control software & visual tool to monitor water quality and manage systems remotely from your phone.

De-harden, disinfect, & purify water simultaneously

Chemical free de-hardening solution with ability to disinfect, deionize and oxygenate water simultaneously.

Scalable & customizable

Built using a lego-like scalable architecture to meet small & large water treatment needs.

The technology

How it works.
Step by step.

All SWT products have versatile system & operational parameters to meet a wide array of application needs.


Intake water

Intake of water to be treated into process tank via system pump or pressurized water source.


Process water

Treat process tank water to required quality for drinking, discharge or other application needs.


Pump out

Pump out the treated water to a storage tank. Regenerate CAP3D modules for the next cycle.


Repeat steps

Repeat above steps continuously until the storage tank is full. Visualize system data during operation.

Software solution

Controlling water treatment with smart software.

SWT products unique batch mode operation give it unprecedented control on tailoring the water quality via software application. All SWT products continuously report basic functions and operating parameters to SWT control centre in real-time, ensuring error-free operation and quick turnaround for unforeseen issues. Any changes to the system can be easily implemented online through your phone or computer.

SWT products are also equipped with an automated Clean-in-Place (CIP) system which reduces build-up of contaminants on the module electrodes.

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What can we remove?


SWT products are an excellent solution for chemical free hardness reduction. The reduction can also be tailored via software means.


SWT products are a very good solution to remove and recover Nitrates, Phosphates & Ammonia from water and wastewater.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals like copper, lead, aluminium and a few others are permanently removed by SWT products.


Sodium, chlorides, sulphates, fluorides can be removed and recovered by SWT products.


SWT operational process increases oxygen content of water, leading to reduction of gaseous contaminants like Radon

Microbial matter

SWT systems also incorporate schemes to ensure removal of microbial content like bacteria and viruses.

Save energy and water.

All-in-one small footprint packaged system, for safe & sustainable water treatment.

1000 000
litres of water saved.
1000 kg CO2eq
emissions reduced
Success stories

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Hans Vestlund

Nynäshamn, Sweden

“My wife is very happy, and we swapped the wine for water last Friday.”

Prior to the installation of Fors M, Hans has tried several different solutions like carbon filters and sand filters, but he wasn’t satisfied with the result. The installation was handled by SWTs distributor CE Vattenteknik during summer 2021 and the system has exceeded Hans expectations since then.

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We answer the most frequently asked questions.

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Is SWT product a standard filter?

No. SWT has its own patented electro-capacitive technology which is electrically activated & de-activated.

What does an SWT solution look like?

SWT provides a full solution, which involves, pre-filtration, water treatment, storage tank and a distribution pump, which can be installed at an industry or your home.

Why should I buy SWT products?

SWT products help you save water and energy. They also remove a wide range of contaminants from water, making it easier for you to meet your water treatment goals.

Is SWT product suitable for sea water?

No. SWT products are well suited for ground water, surface water & wastewater with lower salt content.

Will SWT products meet my water needs?

Send us an email or give us a call and let’s figure it out together. SWT always looks at your water profile and needs before implementing their system.

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