Patented Eco-Friendly Water Treatment

What we do

Our patented technology harnesses capacitive deionization by utilizing electrodes. Our machine achieves water de-hardening without the use of chemicals or solvents. Simultaneously, our system performs disinfection, deionization, and oxygenation of water, addressing nutrients and micropollutants seamlessly.

Post-deionization, the purified water is separated. This process ensures that the wastewater becomes chemical-free, providing an environmentally sustainable solution for water treatment.

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Installment of updated SWT technology at clients' residential farm

Our technology

What we remove

Nutrients (Nitrates, phosphates, Ammonia)

Chlorides & Fluorides

Heavy metals


Microbial matter (Bacteria & Virus)

Organic micropollutants



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The system is highly adaptable and customizable to suit the consumer's needs. It can easily accommodate any volume of water, and the output can be tailored to specific requirements. The removal of contaminants and the extent of purification can be adjusted according to consumer preferences.

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Platform solution

Technology benefits

Low energy consumption operation

Low voltage (< 10 VDC) operation

Ability to recover up to 40% energy

High water recovery

Up to 90% water recovery

Programmable as per use case

Low chemical use

Purely electricity based water

No membranes

Lego-like scalable technology

Modular and scalable as needed

Designed to be adaptable

One system-replaces many

Wide contaminant removal profile

Remove salts, heavy metals & emerging contaminants

Software defined water quality

One of it’s kind in the market

Define your water quality via software

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Save energy and water.

All-in-one small footprint packaged system, for safe & sustainable water treatment.

1000 000
litres of water saved.
1000 kg CO2eq
emissions reduced

Who is it for?

All-in-one small footprint packaged system, for safe & sustainable freshwater production.

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Well or surface water treatment for private usage.


Single homes


Grouped homes


Small municipalities


Save water & energy with SWT solutions.


Breweries (input & wastewater)


Water softening for manufacturing plants


Nutrient removal from wastewater