De-hardening of water for humidifiers and furnaces

SKF VestaSi and SWT have been working together to develop a chemical free solution for water de-hardening for evaporators, furnaces and humidifiers.

SKF VestaSi is one of the few global manufacturers of silicon nitrite materials, used for making ball bearings and for several other industrial applications. The current manufacturing facility in Ljungaverk is being converted into a state-of-the-art energy and water saving production facility, wherein SWT’s water de-hardening solution has been set up to contribute to VestaSi goals.

Water de-hardening is one of the key applications for SWT because of the ease with which the CAP3D technology can remove calcium, magnesium, carbonates etc., from the water. CAP3D technology is also one of the very few chemical free solutions for water de-hardening, which could be a great way to reducing OPEX and CO2 emissions.

As a first step, SWT’s FORS unit powered by CAP3D technology is used for de-hardening water used for supplying the humidifiers in the manufacturing facility.  The primary aim for the unit is to reduce the scaling probability, while ensuring good and long operation life for the humidifier components.

SWT and VestaSi are currently also exploring other use cases within the production facility. More details coming soon.