11 Jan 2022

Sustainable water treatment at a fast growing brewery.

The year was 2014 when the two friends Jonny Warg and Niklas Gustavsson founded Barlingbo Bryggeri in Jonny’s garage. It started with a 50 L brewing plant where they brewed beer as a side project – today they brew 50 000 L per day. A lot has happened since the start, but the passion to create a great product is the same. As Barlingbo expanded their business, the product range grew and they started to think of bottled water. The water on Gotland is very hard which gives it a dull taste and Jonny started to look for ways to improve their water.

During the summer of 2019 SWT installed its system at Barlingbo Bryggeri in Visby. The system that was installed was in the prototype stage and the coming year, lots of progress was made which lead to a more stable and system with improved efficiency. After this first year, the system has been unchanged and produced drinking water for sale. And it is the minimal maintenance that Jonny loves most about the system.