SWT in Aquaculture & Aquaponics

SWT solution for maintaining nutrient balance in Aquaponics operations

Aquaponics is a field which combines the practices of fish culture with growing of plants. Nutrients
from the fish loop (which are harmful for the fish but beneficial for the plants) can be transferred to the
plant loop in an optimized manner, without interfering with the stringent parameters for the two fields
of operations.

SWT is involved in a project in Portugal to supply a water treatment unit to an Aquaponics facility. The
goal of the installation is to ensure better nutrient use within the fish and plant loops and the ability to
reduce the intake of fresh wate into the Aquaponics system.
Initial tests were conducted in Norway at Ecunor Aqua, wherein SWT’s unique and patented
technology found a good fit for this application.

More details on the project and installation to come.